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DVM. Christina Suntum Soerensen

Christina Suntum Soerensen is a certified veterinarian and works exclusively with horses. She is a rider herself, and horses have always been a big part of her life.

Over the years, she has increased her knowledge of horses’ natural behavior, anatomy and biomechanics which has changed the way she looks at how we handle horses and how riders communicate with their horses.

Christina Suntum Soerensen works with bit fittings and equine dentistry daily. Using her experience and her knowledge of the latest scientific research, she works not only with finding the right bit to suit your horse, but also with you – the rider – to increase your understanding of the use of the bit and of your horse’s behavioural responses to the bit.

She is the author of the book “Bag om Biddet” which is a book exclusively about bits, and it is currently being translated into english. She has been featured in multiple Horse Magazines and on Danish Television. She is known for her Public Speakings, Clinics, Workshops and Blogs and she travels all around the world interviewing Horse Trainers, Coaches and other professionals working with horses.